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Chanda kocchar is the former MD (managing director) and CEO (chief executive officer). Her husband was arrested on Friday for the loan of videocon. Chanda Kochhar net worth is more than 20 crore Indian national rupees.

The Chanda Kochhar is one of the most revolutionary woman and one of the fast growing woman in the world. The main reason of success of ICICI bank is Mrs. Chanda Kochhar. Her work is one of the super mind and laborious work across the globe. Her work is not only done in India but all over the world. Chanda Kochhar net worth is one of the highest in Indian women.

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Chanda Kochhar Net Wortho

With the Chanda Kochhar hard work she became one of the richest persons in India which is alive. In this post you will read about what is the net worth of Chanda Kochhar, how she achieved this position and About her properties and current positions.

To know all about Chanda Kochhar net worth stay with us in this post. Chanda Kochhar played a very huge role in shaping retail banking in India. Chanda Kochhar is a member of India Japan business leader forum. She is one of the Best women Icon in India and all over the world. She was born in Jodhpur on November 17, 1961. She lived in Jaipur.

Chanda Kochhar net worth overview

Name Chanda Kochhar
salary 5.5 crore+
net worth 78 crores
Date of birthNovember 17, 1961
Article CategoryFinance
Professional Business woman

Chanda Kochhar house

Her childhood name is Chanda rupchar adwani. Her father name was roop chand adwani. Chanda Kochhar net worth is increasing day by day. Her net worth has increased 32 percent in previous three years. In her net worth she have to many cars, garden, house, land and more in her company share and it’s valuation.

Chanda Kochhar Net Worth
Chanda Kochhar Net Worth

Chanda Kochhar house is in Mumbai, India. Her house was bought by her in 2011. The valuation of her home is 1.1 crore. She has a beautiful apartment and a beautiful house in Maharashtra. She also has real estate. She brought house other real estate and other assets. Chanda Kochhar net worth. She also has many cars. The car collection owned by her is not much but luxury cars.

Chanda Kochhar news

The current new of Chanda Kochhar news is her husband is arrested by in the case of loan taken by Videocon. He is arrested in Friday. He was arrested by central beuro investigation. According to CBI charges in the case, crores of investment was allegedly made by former Videocon chairman Venugopal Dhoot in NuPower Renewables is the company founded by Chanda Kochhar husband.

Chanda Kochhar husband

The Chanda Kochhar husband name is name is Deepak Kochhar. His company name is now power renewable Pvt limited. The Chanda Kochhar husband new is currently trending. His husband owned a successful company. Chanda Kochhar husband is arrested by CBI due to loan. He has taken almost 3,250 crore loan from bank of ICICI bank.

Chanda Kochhar salary per month

According to official it is said that the salary of Chanda Kochhar is more than 5 crore. However her net worth is more that 75 crore including at the assets. Now Sandeep bakhshi is The CEO of ICICI bank. Chanda Kochhar receives almost three crore as the basic salary per year.

It is the one of the highest salary paid for women in India. She is the youth women icon in India. Excluding The net worth and salary she have many sources of income like investing. One of the main reasons behind her net worth and income is her mind.

Chanda Kochhar health

She is one of the fittest and richest women in India. However she is to rich but she doesn’t forget to workout daily. She steps around one hour in India. Her food is one of the best diet taken by her.

She is also a health conscious lady in modern India. Her body shape is seems like young according to her age. Her age is more than anyone can believe. We will tell you about her age in the below topic.

Chanda Kochhar age

Chanda kochhar age is 61 years old. To see her anyone cannot believe that she is more than 60 years old. Her food and her diet plan is the reason behind her good health. Her health consciousness is beyond the level of anything.

She also do you to overcome the weight. So, this is all about Chanda Kochhar net worth. If you like this post then share with your friends and family.

FAQs related to Chanda Kochhar net worth

What is the Chanda Kochhar net worth?

The net worth of Chanda Kochhar is 78 crore.

What is annual Salary of Chanda Kochhar?

The annual Salary of Chanda Kochhar is 5.5 crore Per Year.

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