In 1947, Agriculture Engineering department came into existence as a separate department different from Agriculture department .In the state of Uttar Pradesh. Mr. P.C. Vishwanathan was appointed as its first Chief Agriculture Engineer. The newly established Agriculture Engineering department was entrusted with the works of boring of wells/tube wells, manufacturing and repair of equipments related to irrigation and agriculture and use of tractors in Agriculture. Earlier, the state was divided into three zones Kanpur, Varanasi and Meerut for providing irrigation services. Each zone had one Agriculture engineer who was equivalent to the Executive Engineer. Later two zones Gonda and Agra were added. To help the Agriculture Engineer the following posts were created and technical personnel were appointed:

* Asst. engineer.
* Senior Mechanical inspector
* Mechanical Supervisor
* Boring Mechanic
* Asst. Boring Mechanic 

Mechanic Independent Agriculture Engineering department was established for the execution of ‘Grow More Food’ Programme. In 1964, an independent Minor irrigation department was established to look after all the minor irrigation works, where departmental head was a Superintending Engineer. Later on Assistant Engineer's posts were created for district level and Executive Engineer's posts were created for divisional level. The Government of UP approved Grants for all minor irrigation works from year 1965 to 1967., From December 1967 onwards ,the grants were available for Pukka wells only. At the time of the formation of Uttarakhand state in November 2000, a strong cadre structure of Minor Irrigation Department was in existence which included one Superintending Engineer (Nodal Officer) under whom there were three Executive Engineers, 14 Assistant Engineers, 125 Junior Engineers, 53 Boring Technician and 13 Assistant Boring Technicians. In all there were 335 sanctioned posts in the department In India, Minor Irrigation constitutes 33 % of total irrigation potential. In Uttarakhand state Minor Irrigation Schemes constitute nearly 65% of the total Irrigation potential. 
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